Asian Solidarity Collective is proud to announce that one of our Asian Solidarity Collective (ASC) youth members, Pebblz, has been accepted into the Power Up Internship program! Asian Solidarity Collective have also been selected to be one of the host organizations for Pebblz's internship from now till Mid December! 


We are truly honored and grateful to have been selected by Building Movement and SolidarityIs and that Pebblz has been given this amazing opportunity! Congratulations Pebblz!Power Up is an internship program designed to provide emerging youth leaders who participated in the Solidarity Semester program with internships at social justice organizations addressing the most critical issues of our time. Power Up is hosted by the Building Movement Project (@BldingMovement) and SolidarityIs (@solidarity_is).

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Asian Solidarity Collective in collaboration with Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and organizations in San Diego celebrate Juneteenth, a historic day to honor and uplift Black liberation and the legacy of unrelenting resistance in the Black community.

We call on our Asian and Pacific Islander communities to demand a defunding of police and investment in Black communities by donating to the DeDe McClure Memorial Bail Fund, March 4 Black Womxn San Diego, Black Lives Matter San Diego, Pillars of the Community, and We All We Got San Diego. 


As a community-led organization serving queer, working-class, migrant, and refugee Asian Americans, we are acutely aware of the interconnectedness of failed health systems, an extractive economy that prioritizes profit over people, and the racial debt and labor to uphold these very systems.  We want to better understand the lived experiences of the Asian American community so that we can address the needs of already disenfranchised Asian American communities in San Diego.


We call on the San Diego Asian community to participate in the 2020 Census and on the 2020 November ballot propositions.

The 2020 Take Action campaign aims to increase civic engagement within the San Diego Asian American Community. We will mobilize the community to participate in the 2020 Census and be educated on the 2020 November ballot propositions, with a focus on protecting the rights and lives of BIPOC communities on issues of housing, affirmative action, education, voting rights, and mass incarceration.

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Asian Solidarity Collective mourns and is in solidarity with Black people and communities who are outraged and hurting by the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police.  We condemn all actions of not just the Minneapolis Police Department, but the state-sanctioned violence that Black lives have continuously faced for hundreds of years.


Asian Solidarity Collective firmly believes that the system we are under is historically rooted in white supremacy and heteropatriarchy where anti-Blackness is the fulcrum and the blueprint to how it functions.  The origins of policing was predicated in slave patrols where white men patrollers policed Black ex-slaves as a means to continue to keep them under control.  It is with this foundational understanding that we ask our Asian American communities to join us in solidarity to push back against the systems of white supremacy that are in place that have taken the lives of George Floyd and countless of Black lives, including Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and Tony McDade. 

We must be in solidarity for Black lives and understand that our freedoms are  bound together.  If we understand that all forms of oppression are connected, then we must move in collective action with the understanding that “when Black lives are free, we all get to be free.”  We must know that our attained privileges that we benefit from are from the result of the Civil Rights Movement, Black liberation movements, the legacy of Black abolitionists, and Black feminists. It is through ancestral guides, like Yuri Kochiyama and Grace Lee Boggs who were committed to solidarity and movement building, that we are moved to do more than just show up, but actively work to address anti-Blackness within ourselves and within our communities.  


We must come together as a community of co-conspirators to further our commitment to action and show up for Black communities across the country - demanding justice for George Floyd and all victims of law enforcement.  We must do so not just because we know that all forms of oppression are connected, but because we move in the spirit of revolutionary love that values Black lives. We must choose to struggle for our collective liberation.


We are moved by the actions that have sparked across the country and we believe that these actions are a righteous act against the systems of oppression that have unjustly, violently harmed, and murdered Black lives.  We call upon our Asian American communities to take heed to their demands for justice. Furthermore, it is imperative that we, as Asian Americans, stay dedicated to cross racial-solidarity and intersectional building. It is when we work together with Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color communities that we can truly move towards liberation. 


Asian Solidarity Collective is actively working with diverse coalitions in San Diego that we have built since our inception, making sure that our struggles intersect, interweave, and interject against systems of power, privilege, and agency. We support the various actions our partners in the struggle have laid out and continue to build those support by welcoming others to join these movements. We encourage the Asian and Pacific Islander communities to join both the county-wide and nation-wide movement to address the violence against the Black community as well as support those who critically make the interjection of intersectionalities.  We encourage everyone to donate to organizations that centers Black identities and Black communities in San Diego such as March For Black Womxn San Diego, We All We Got San Diego, and the Dede McClure Community Bail Fund. We move with the pace of trust and the pace of the community, encouraging and empowering others to join the journey for liberation, to create a just and supportive community, and to deconstruct systems of oppression that have too often targeted Black lives. This, in the words of Black Lives Matter, is “not a moment, but a movement.” 

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in Solidarity with Black Lives

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