By joining Asian Solidarity Collective's membership you will be supporting our organizing work in building solidarity across communities of color and activating social justice consciousness.  Your membership will also provide you with an opportunity to grow and learn with us, to organize and serve, to share your concerns and ideas so that together we can create a more just world!

To join Asian Solidarity Collective's membership:

  1. Please fill out the membership application

  2. Optional: Pay Annual Membership Donation of $20.00

  3. You will be contacted by a Core Member of Asian Solidarity Collective once your application for membership has been reviewed.

Annual Membership Donation

Our annual membership donation ask is $20.00 for you and your family (whomever you may define as family).  You are always more than welcome to donate more now or throughout the year.

Your membership donation support helps us support our staff, provide more programming and allows us to show up for the communities we serve which often requires financial means. 

We also offer different payment options as needed such as a sliding scale or an installment plan.  For more information, please contact us at

Membership Involvement

ASC offers different areas of membership. Sometimes your capacity to be involved may shift between being a Base and Active member a few times, which is more than okay.  We just want you to know your membership with ASC is flexible. Each membership has a donation ask of an annual membership donation of $20.00 per family which includes a total of 4 family members (whomever you may define as family).  We also offer a donation sliding scale member fee.

Base Membership: 

  • ASC's annual membership donation of $20.00 per family

  • Automatic sign-up to ASC's list serv to receive updates and news

  • Opportunities to attend ASC's events including events by ASC partners and community organizations that ASC supports.

  • Stay informed of actions and campaigns that ASC is working on.

  • Opportunity to attend ASC's General meetings and more.

  • Assists in fundraising efforts for ASC

Active Membership:

  • Optional ASC's annual membership donation of $20.00 per family

  • Automatic sign-up to ASC's list serv to receive updates and news

  • Attends quarterly General Meetings (at least 3x within a year)

  • and/or Volunteer at least 3x a year and/or join an ASC team (committee).

  • and/or Attend at least 3 ASC events a year which includes trainings, workshops, and more

  • and/or Joins an ASC Team to assist in multiple ASC organizing efforts and campaigns

  • Actively participates in ASC's fundraising efforts and aims to support ASC in meeting fundraising campaign goals.

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