Portal to Liberation

A World Free From Police, Prisons and Borders

The Portal to Liberation is a continual campaign to challenge the current police state and culture of policing in order to conceptualize a world without mass incarceration, immigration and deportation for San Diego Asians. Through action and education we will push our community to deepen our commitment to ending the structures that threaten Black life.

Since its early beginnings, Asian Solidarity Collective has navigated between dialoguing/uplifting our own struggles and showing up in solidarity with the Black community. Arundhati Roy called this pandemic a portal, where the inadequate, violent world we’ve known is disintegrating, making way for a new world we must conjure for ourselves. In this new world, we see San Diego Asians as compassionate, capable beings able to hold space for our unique experiences of mass incarceration, immigration and deportation, while simultaneously fighting to abolish the police state and the culture of policing that threatens Black life. 


Through focus areas of action, political education and digital organizing/mass education, we will enter this portal leaving our indifference and anti-Blackness behind us. 

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  • In this moment of global uprising, we must wage revolutionary love by embracing the humanization of one another including our own struggles. 

    • We must choose to be on the right side of hxstory by centering those on the margins of our own communities, by being in solidarity with Black communities in demanding the defunding of police and by showing up for the freedom of all BIPOC communities.  

  • Together, we are a force that can combat anti-Asian racism, anti-Blackness, anti-Indigeneity, Xenophobia, and all forms of oppression.  

    • More than 40% of migrants in the U.S. come from Asia. Out of 18 million Asians in this country, more than 1.7 million are undocumented and Southeast Asians are 5 x more likely to be deported for criminal convictions. It is clear that Asian communities are also highly impacted by mass incarceration, immigration and deportation. 

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  • Within a span of 5 months between 2019-2020, 2 Filipinos, Dennis Carolino and Toby Diller, were killed by the San Diego Police Department.  In May 2020, a 74 year old South Korean man died by suicide while in the custody of ICE. These tragic incidents are not isolated. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and ICE are deeply entangled with the Criminal Justice System through unmeasured programs that give ICE access to jails. The collaboration between ICE and the Criminal Justice System was forged to uphold an  inherently anti-Black and anti-Indigenous system.  It is critical that we continue to build a mass united front for our shared liberation.


  • By being in solidarity with BIPOC communities we not only fight white supremacist heteropatriarchy, we also show our humanity for one another as we build collective power and action towards collective liberation.


  • We can and we will create the society we aspire to become and live in, by putting transformative justice strategies into practice.

    • We are in this hxstoric moment where we must reimagine a world without bars and borders.  We must support the call from Black lives that guide us into an abolitionist framework to divest from the prison industrialist complex, law enforcement and ICE.  In solidarity with BIPOC communities, we will create alternative practices such as restorative healing spaces and transformative justice approaches that model a world free from the police and the culture of policing.​

  • Collectively, we will ride this portal towards our collective liberation.

    • Our movement-leader ancestors including Grace Lee Boggs, Yuri Kochiyama and Black feminists and abolitionists have led us to this moment of collective struggle.  We will honor them by learning from their legacy and continuing the passage towards our collective freedom.

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